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Physics engine


Is there any project to port jigLibX to OpenTK ?

This physics engine is very powerfull and maybe not hard to port to OpenTK.
i haven't found any good C# 3D physics engine compatible with OpenTK.


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(XNA maybe is so game engine that everything is in it (not possible though but at least they try))

Tiled maps is fastest but always cant use that..
but collision detection is hard to implement (my opinion :) ) (my collision test in csat just checks bounding boxes corners so it
doesnt work very well), and if every vertex tested, it sooo slow .. then I think if someone knows how to do it (in physics library), then
it's good idea to use that code.

Maybe input in opentk.util (or another dll) opentk<->xna api, which just uses opentk.math (so no need change opentk's methods).

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I don't actually use XNA (what kinds of collision detection does it support?), but stuff like bounding volumes is very useful even if you don't use physics. Actually, it's surprising how far you can go without using any physics at all, just simple time-based interpolation.

Physics libraries are great when you are doing, well, physics-related stuff (e.g. a racing simulator or World of Goo) or when you want to add that extra dose of realism to your FPS (ragdolls, yay!), but for a lot of cases it's overkill.

Call me old-school, but physics-based Tetris? No thanks.