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OpenGL 3.1 spec out


The spec doesn't seem to be linked in the right place on opengl.org, but it is here: http://www.opengl.org/registry/doc/glspec31.20090324.pdf

I feel like 3.0 has barely been adopted by GPU manufacturers and 3.1 is already out. But apparently nVidia already has a 3.1 driver: http://developer.nvidia.com/object/opengl_3_driver.html

Very exciting!

Edit: This is maybe a better link: http://www.khronos.org/opengl/


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Thanks for the heads up, this is frontpage-worthy.

The changes are more or less expected and much appreciated: uniform and texture buffers, instancing, removal of deprecated features. It's also nice that the spec came out without delays this time.

OpenGL 3.0 didn't get much support, but it seems 3.1 will fare better. I'll add the new functions to OpenTK for the next release.

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For us ATI/AMD card owners:

From the khronos press release:

“AMD will support OpenGL 3.1 in the upcoming driver release for the Radeon and FirePro products, and is fully supportive of the OpenGL API,” said Suki Samra, director of OpenGL at AMD.

About nVidia already supporting 3.1:
Hopefully instancing will now work on nVidia, because I had trouble getting it working with the GL_ARB_draw_instanced extension (which it claimed was supported).

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It seems that the new tokens and function signatures haven't been released yet. Hopefully we'll have them in time for OpenTK 0.9.7.