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More than 60 FPS in GLControl?

I'm having trouble getting more than 60 frames per second when using a GLControl.
I think the cause is the GLControl.SwapBuffers(), so I'm curious if there are any know limitations.

Here's the basic algorithm:
I have a timer that ticks about 60 times per second.
Each tick:

  1. Increment the frame counter
  2. Call my render function
  3. GLControl.SwapBuffers()
  4. Increment the frame counter
  5. Call my render function
  6. GLControl.SwapBuffers()

I should get 120 fps, but I only get 60.
When I comment out both swapbuffer calls, I get 120 fps (but nothing shows up on the screen)
When I comment out one swapbuffer call, I get 120 fps (but I don't think it's actually showing both frames)

Some notes:
I have a CRT monitor running at 100 Hz
The render function just renders a few points
I'm using Vista and a GeForce 8600

Any ideas???


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VSync is enabled by default in OpenTK. Try setting VSync = false; in the Load event of the GLControl and, if that fails, try disabling VSync through the Nvidia control panel.

Are you positive that your monitor is running at 100Hz?

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That did it!
I now get 100 FPS, which is what I was going for.

Thanks Fiddler!