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Rant (Internet Explorer)

The topic's beaten to death, so I'll keep it short: the first picture shows how this site looks in Opera, Firefox, Chrome, Safari and (who'd guess?) Internet Explorer 8. The second pictures shows it in Internet Explorer 6 / 7. And that's only the frontpage.

Apologies to all those that cannot (company policy) or don't want to change browsers for a random website, but I don't plan to add IE6/7 workarounds any time soon. In fact, I am planning to drop the existing IE6/7 hacks in the not-too-distant future. Please use a CSS2-compliant browser, if at all possible. CSS3 is even better.

I do not make money out of this site. I do not enjoy web programming. Sorry.

Site in CSS2-capable browser (and a touch of CSS3 for the text shadows)
Site in IE6/7


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I've run Firefox since five years. Is there any other browser ;)

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I have been using opera for years now. Not only does it render pages correctly most of the time, it always has been lightweight (mem and cpu wise).
The only reason I use firefox from time to time are because of some of the add-on extensions like webdeveloper (toolbar thingy) and firebug. Opera does have firefly and a developer console nowadays, but i'm used to the FF extensions.

Anyway, Fiddler I'd say you just have to be sure the pages validate correctly and then you should assume it works on all browsers, if not it is the user's problem (or choice) :)

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I have been working on a new theme for and it's irritating how different various browsers are. Opera, FireFox and Epiphany all seem to work about the same, with minor issues so far, but IE and Chrome screw up the layout. It really seems like there's something wrong when it's easier to make a cross-platform hardware accelerated 3D game than it is to do some simple stuff with a web page and a style sheet.

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I do not make money out of this site. I do not enjoy web programming.

Made me chuckle ;)

I know the feeling!

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I can't remember how to center LI elements in a UL in IE. I think you should just use free floating DIVs.