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OpenAL on openSUSE Linux

I used the OpenTK 0.9.6 in my application. And I had a serious problem with sounds through OpenAL on openSUSE .
After my changes, the initialization of sound will run and sound is playing on openSUSE Linux!.
I attached modified files.

I would like also to exploit the SoundData class in my application but at present I cannot. I added the simple modification of this class which gladly I would see at the standard OpenTK library.

linux_sound.zip9.67 KB
SoundData.cs2.33 KB


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Thanks, I will test these out on the next round of updates (a diff would also be appreciated, as it makes the job easier). What was the problem?

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The problem was ContextHandle structure.
Alc wrapper with pointers on this one doesn't work on openSUSE Linux. Maybe this problem can be solve in other way than suggested in my attached files.

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Which version of OpenAL do you have installed? Also, are you on x86 or x86_64?

Edit: and which version of Mono?

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openAL 1.1 (libopenal0-soft-1.6.372-3.1.i586.rpm, libopenal1-soft-1.6.372-3.1.i586.rpm), x86 (i586), openSUSE 11.0 with mono 2.0.1

standard openTK 0.9.1 library work fine (openAL, openGL)
standard openTK 0.9.6 library doesn't work (openAL only, openGL is ok)

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Great, thanks. I'll get the fixes into the next version of OpenTK.

Another question: is Mono 2.0.1 able to compile OpenTK 0.9.6+? Because a compiler bug makes compilation fail on Mono 2.2 and 2.4.

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Unfortunately, I don't know. At the moment I am using MS VS.
.NET programs compiled on windows, can be started with mono on any other platform without recompilation.
I think that will check MonoDevelop in the final phase of the my project :)

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Ah, I see. I was just asking because I want to push for the bug to be fixed in Mono 2.6 (and regressions tend to take priority).

Slightly off-topic, but MonoDevelop 2 was released today. It reads/writes Visual Studio project just fine, has good code-completion, an integrated debugger - it's pretty slick, no comparison with MonoDevelop 1! I can finally move between VS and MD without problems: checkout, edit, build, test, checkin from Linux then move to Windows, checkout, edit, build, test, checkin and move right back without problems. VS is still superior in several regards, but MD can stand on its own now - I find myself using Windows virtual machines less and less. (I use ArchLinux full-time now and keep Windows in VMs for testing).

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Thanks for the information. I will check MD 2