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Stencil Buffer in WinForm + GLControl Application

I made an application which uses stencil buffer . It draws polygon with hole .
But this couldn't make a hole .
Perhaps, can't I use stencil buffer in GLControl ?

I'm sorry my poor English .

Form1.cs5.83 KB


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OpenTK will not create a stencil buffer, unless you explicitly request one. Create a new control that inherits from GLControl and add a constructor like this:

class CustomGLControl : GLControl
    public CustomGLControl()
        : base(new GraphicsMode(32, 24, 8))
    { }

Use the new control in place of the GLControl and it should work fine.

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Thanks !
I made a class which inherits GLControl , and I executed a new program .
It came to be able to render a polygon with hole .