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ARB Shaders

I'm trying to play around with shaders on my laptop with it's crappy Intel X3100 card (I'm travelling, so this is all I can entertain myself with) which doesn't support GL 2.0. From what I can tell, GL.Arb.CreateShaderObject should allow values equivalent to GL_VERTEX_SHADER_ARB = 0x8b31 or GL_FRAGMENT_SHADER_ARB = 0x8b30. I assume it's not ok to just add these to OpenTK.Graphics.ArbShaderObjects in GLEnums.cs since that file is autogenerated?

Ok, so now I just pass (ArbShaderObjects)0x8b31 to GL.Arb.CreateShaderObject and it gives me a null reference exception. I track this in the debugger and sure enough, GL.Delegates.glCreateShaderObjectARB is null. Is this an indication that my video drivers suck, and in spite of the fact that it reports GL_ARB_FRAGMENT_PROGRAM is a supported extension? Or am I not understanding which functions go with that extension? I've thrown a call to GL.LoadAll for good measure but that doesn't make any difference.

Also, this is relatively unimportant, but GL.Arb.ShaderSource is missing the same nice (int,string) overload that GL.ShaderSource does.


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Ok, I updated my video drivers (I forgot I had rolled them back from before) and now there is support for OpenGL 2.0, and the ARB functions load and work.

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ARB shaders, being extensions, haven't got the same clean-up treatment as core OpenGL. Still, I'll add any missing enums to the next release, now that the core is (more or less) ready.