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Simple Objects

As an aside to my post on Cut Outs, as an alternative to using C.S.G to model my holes/cut-outs, I could also model the geometry using a model editor, thus hard coding the cut-outs into the model. My problem is this, so far to successfully model a 3d object, i have had to create individual vertices for EVERY triangle that makes up that model, so for example a cube-instead of only requiring 8 vertices, would require 6 faces*2 triangles*3 vertices=36 vertices. When I use the minimum of 8 vertices I only see certain facets of the cube shape.
Any ideas as where I am going wrong?

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Check the documentation, too. VBOs can be quite annoying to get right at first, but their design makes sense afterwards.

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Thanks All for your help. Celeron, you may be a newbie but you solved the problem, thanks again.

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I now have a problem with normals (I think). If you take a look at the attached screenshots, the normals where an internal edge meets an external edge appear incorrect. I have calculated the normals using the normalised sum of all the normal vectors for a given vertex, thus:

             Dim oTempVector As Vector3 = Nothing
            iPosition = 0
            For Each oIndex As UShort In oTempIndices
                oTempVector += oNormalVectors(oIndex)
                iPosition += 1
            oVertices(iIndex).Normal = Vector3.Normalize(oTempVector)

Does this look like familiar behaviour to anybody?

cube1.JPG13.18 KB
cube.JPG16.54 KB