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Kid vs. OpenGL 3.0

Err...I can't find a way to create the [tasteless expletive] new context in Windows using OpenTK.Anybody help?


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OK...I figure it out myself.Here's the sample code
GLControl c=new GLControl(new GraphicsMode(new ColorFormat(32)), 3, 0, GraphicsContextFlags.Default);

the number 3 and 0 is the opengl version number,indicating major version and minor version respectively.
Thank OpenTK,that save me a lot of effort from writing redundancy code to initialize the 3.0 context.

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Well...I read the source code and I feel suprised by the fact that OpenTK implements the context creation of OpenGL 3.0,but does'nt implement the simple FSAA.Hey,Fiddler are you too lazy?

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Hey manjian, please watch your language! This project is spare-time open source software project, and harsh language will get you nowhere!!

I could have told you how to do this, but I'd rather not.

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Changed the title of the post to better reflect the value of the information.

Edit: Multisampling is already available through FBOs, creating a multisampled framebuffer is not safe for public consumption, yet.

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I am sorry...I will watch my tongue next time.

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Thanks for your reply.That really helps.I notice my way of thinking is out of date.

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manjian, hope you've grown a little and welcome to OpenTK!

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Hehe.I used to code OpenGL using C/C++ and I am getting annoyed by this old way.When I post this message,I had been angered by my first OGL 3.0 programe still didn't work after I read ogl spec millions of times. I hope my life become easier and try OpenTK.I try to write a OGL programe with it and my program works.Seems I go to right place this time.