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Ubuntu 9.04

Have any of you guys tried Ubuntu 9.04? I just installed it in VirtualBox and I'm fairly impressed. It boots quite fast, and the desktop effects even work when installed in a virtual machine.


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Since last friday :)

From 60 second boot down to 40 second boot on my machine. I switched to 64-bit too.

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Some minor regressions on my laptop, but otherwise it's a solid release. There are many subtle usability enhancements (tab highlights, sounds, etc) and much appreciated software/driver updates. to It won't make me switch back from Arch, but I can easily recommend it.

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Couple of days and had installing it 2nd computer and next update 8.10 to 9.04 Always good to have testing platforms :)
Hm in virtualbox, i lost my mouse cursor, so with it ubuntu is now complicated to use.

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I think I read such a bug in VirtualBox - try disabling Compiz and see if it works.

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Fiddler, i remembered that I already turn it off (but it was that other machine),
now pointer is visible again. (and how long i searched answer for this!)

Thanks a lot!

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Since it came out. :-)

IMO a huge improvement - dual monitor support was a nightmare for me in Intrepid, but I didn't have to even look at a command line to set it up in Jaunty.

Only thing is, I don't think my old Radeon X1950 is supported by 9.04, proprietory dirvers, as it's now regressed to ATi's "legacy" list, which I don't think is being updated. Wrong X-server version. Tried it twice on the day of release, and it crashed the system. Had to reinstall both times, as I couldn't remember how to remove them with apt-get from the emergency command line (and hadn't created usb-boot drives before blindly installing stuff first - d'oh). That's made me reluctant to try again.

Either way, it's about time I upgraded the graphics card, so along with another 2Gb of RAM to smoothe my v irtualbox XP installation, I'm confident that everything will run nicely.

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"Only thing is, I don't think my old Radeon X1950 is supported by 9.04, proprietory dirvers,"

Yes I think its bad packet or so on x32 (because on x64 I can install it and works (but then axiom crashes)).. when open using x32 ubuntu's "Restricted driviers" window, there is nothing.
I tried install it just from reposity but then it screwed (doesnt start right, even ctrl+alt+F1 doesnt work) my window.
Recovery mode, replasing xorg.conf that backup and then it uses free driver again and works
(which is 3d accelerated nowadays so it just super :))

But, 9.04 is sitll so young that there will be updates.



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These Intel SSDs are freaking awesome. If prices keep falling as they do, they will actually become affordable at some point during 2010...

Shame on Ati for dropping R500 support so soon, but fortunately the open-source drivers for the X1950 are quite solid for day-to-day use: solid 2d, video, good stability, acceptable power consumption. Still lacking in 3d support, though.

AFAIK the devs are throwing everything they have at 3d right now. My hope is that the shiny stuff will be merged in time for Ubuntu 9.10: new memory manager (OpenGL > 1.3 at last!), redirected direct rendering, kernel mode-setting (blue screens, finally!). I doubt the drivers can be rewritten for Gallium3d in time, but you never know (OpenGL > 2.1, here we come).

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My Rig.

DELL M6400 Quad core with a 160GB X25 MLC SSD and 64GB Samsung SLC SSD.

Running Ubuntu 9.04 64bit from the X25 and a Window7 VM from the Samsung.

Boot time = 30 seconds from power button.

Everything working very well for me. I am very impressed with 9.04.

8.10 was a nightmare for me with problems with everything from the VPN clients to pulse audio.

(PS virtual box 2.2.2 is out and should fix the cursor problem I think)

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Kamujin wrote:

160GB X25 MLC SSD and 64GB Samsung SLC SSD


Is there a marked improvement in day to day usage (esp. when compiling stuff)?