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Mouse capture

Maybe this isnt opentk specific, but im using GameWindow and meet problems:

I want hide my mouse cursor (system.form's hide method doesnt hide cursor in linux),
how I replace cursor that its "crossplatform" code?

And I want code "mouse grab", I mean, I put cursor center of the window and
calculate deltas(?) which camera rotations uses, and then again put cursor to the center,
but I tried and I cant get it work.

But opentk, had tested it windows,linux (x32, x64), (and even x32 in VM), and mac osx, it works :)
Even my csat works (there maybe are bug in test1, it failed to work in VM).


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The way I've been able to hide cursor in Linux is to instead create a .cur file that is a blank image, and use that for the cursor. That approach works, if it is a bit of a hack. The same approach works on Windows too, of course.

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Thanks,I check this.
Im working openk platform/renderer to axiom,

There is work to do, x64 linux doesnt work at all (but its not because of opentk)

Any help is ..good :)