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TexParameter problem

Hello, it's me again.

Now I have another problem. I want to import a texture and set some parameter of the texture.

So, to set the parameter of the texture you need to use for example in opengl (c language)


so should become something like that in c#

GL.TexParameter(GL.Enums.TextureTarget.TEXTURE_2D, GL.Enums.TextureParameterName.TEXTURE_MAG_FILTER, GL.Enums.All.LINEAR);

But there is no functions with an enum as last parameter(one with float and one with an integer).

I think there is just something I do not understand. Maybe a cast would be enough.

Does someone know what is wrong and why (some explanations bout the meaning of the last parameter would be really appreciated)


edit: is there a way to load images with openTk or do we need to use the c# bitmap or tao.devil?


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Thank you very much!