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Linux screen refresh

I've just taken my first steps on Linux - installed Ubunty 9.04 yesterday. After a bit of reading up on how to install WinForms, I got OpenTK's Examples and my test app running on it. Problem with both apps is that when I drag the window, the GUI doesn't refresh properly, leaving ugly artifacts on other windows and the desktop.
Also, the screen flickers quite a bit while it's initializing.

Is this expected behavior for OpenTK, or could it have something to do with video drivers?


PS. Is there a way to get notifications when I get replies to posts in this forum?


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Update: I found some 3D apps, and they displayed the same behavior, so it's obviously related to my system.

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Try disabling compiz (appearance (?) -> visual effects to none).

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Indeed, works well - thanks!

The only problem in Examples.exe (except for the OpenAL thing) now seems to be that vertex lighting doesn't work - the plane is all black. I guess the i915 video drivers aren't very good.

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This may be a bug in the example, I have seen it behave strangely on other cards, too.

Notifications are planned for the next site upgrade (which will probably take some time, depending on my workload).

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I've always wondered about the lighting example.
One side of the quad seems to work fine whilst the other turns from white to dark grey at a particularly point.
Uploaded a quick example of it:
That's on Windows 7, but it behaves the same under Vista and Ubuntu 8.10 on this card (Geforce 8600M GT) with a variety of drivers.
Is that how it should behave?

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Frankly, I have no idea! The last time I used the built-in vertex lighting was ~7 years ago.

For what's it worth, it looks completely different on my Ati 4850.

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The i915 drivers certainly aren't all that good in Linux, at least in Fedora. I have a number of problems with them on my desktop at work. I've reported bugs, but it seems that driver development moves slowly. Intel cards certainly aren't known for their stellar OpenGL support on Windows, either.