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Linux / OpenAL

Could anyone give a hand on how to get the OpenAL examples to work under Ubuntu 9.04? I get a DllNotFoundException for openal32.dll. Tried installing libopenal1 (1:1.4.272-2) and libalut0 (1.1.0-2), which looked like the most appropriate libraries by looking at OpenTK.dll.config, but the error remains.



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Try changing to in the dll.config file.

That was The Fiddler's advice to me when I was trying to get my project to run in Ubuntu 8.10. Back then, it worked for me, and it might work for you now.

Unfortunately, though, it's not working for me now in my present 9.04 install. I was actually halfway though posting for advice about this before I saw your post in the sidebar.

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Thanks - that at least gave me a new error:
AudioContextException: InvalidDevice (in CheckForAlcErrors)

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The correct package is indeed libopenal1. I'm not sure why Ubuntu ships with such an old version - the latest release is 1.7 and they are shipping 1.4. I'm using 1.7 on Archlinux and it seems to work fine.

I'll install Jaunty in VirtualBox to see what is going on.

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Actually, it's the strangest thing... The OpenAL example works just fine for me. I've copied and pasted the OpenTK.dll.config file for the dlls in the OpenTK/Binaries/Release directory into every Debug and Release directory for my solution, but I'm STILL getting a DllNotFoundException for openal32.dll when AudioContext.CreateContext() is called.

Edit: Never mind. Somehow I missed the only one that counts: the main project's Debug directory :-p

Second Edit: Wait, it's not me! Every time I rebuild the solution, the line in the OpekTK.dll.config in my Debug directory reverts back to ""! Why on earth would that happen?

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You have to change the 'master' OpenTK.dll.config, i.e. the file included in your project. This is copied to the Debug/Release directories every time you rebuild.

I will change the default config to - OpenTK doesn't work with anyway.

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Haha! it's like some kind of alien hunt... They just keep coming back until you kill the Queen...