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OpenTK Examples Issues


Here's some screenshots of what is happening.

The OpenAL doesn't work, it gives the error screens. That gallery is pretty much from all the examples. I assume there's something very wrong with either my system or the examples.

I can't stay on right now to further explain, because it's about to be heavy storms here. I will return after the storms to see if anybody knows from having a look at them what is wrong.


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What OS are you using?

First,remember install OpenAL, it is not part of the distribution.

Check console too, there maybe be more specific error, because these some of the windows are empty
(so start in Command prompt (windows) or Terminal (linux) )

"I can't stay on right now to further explain, because it's about to be heavy storms here. "

Ok, so whenever you can.

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I am running Ubuntu 8.10 64-bit.

I wasn't aware that OpenAL wasn't included; I'll investigate that.

The command prompt only gives what you see in that one screenshot; that is the result of the color test.

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Change the openal library in OpenTK.dll.config from to Fix will be included in OpenTK 0.9.8.

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Alright, I downloaded and compiled the source for CMake and OpenAL.

When I run 'openal-info' I get this:

openal-info: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

I changed the OpenTK.dll.config and in my 'mono-2.4' environment I added the /usr/local/lib directory to the PATH variable, but it still gives the error windows.

My Mono environment is set up like this: mono-2.4

When I run the 'Extensions' example, it gives that blank error window as well.

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I dont recommend you compile libraries yourself because from repos these should find all of these
(or unofficial repos with "installers" (.deb) )

You need install openal and libalut, but when I installed openal, there then was so.0 link (and I too modified .config file) and then comes that problem:

I havent got openal examples work on 9.04 eighter.

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Well the repos have 1.3.something while the current is 1.7.something; so, that's a pretty big leap. This is why I chose to compile from source.

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OK, make sure these libs (.o's) are installed right place (in PATH or so) (/usr/lib etc) so they can be found.
Makefile maybe do that (if you make it on sudo)? Not familier with it so.. (or just copy libraries where they belong).
And make symlinks right. Then it's ok. (but you already know that all?)
And hope that API isnt changed (i dont think so).