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CustomWidget in monodevelop GUI

First at all, i would like to thanks a lots all of contributors for this wonderful project. I'm working actually like a C programmer, but my favorite language are the c#, and more the framework .NET. So the goal of opentk is exactly what i could dream to continue to do opengl on a .net environment. So thanks a lots.

Now, about my topic. I'm a linux user, and i want to use monodevelop on ubuntu. I try to use opentk in it, and it worked, but only on the editor mode. In fact i thought opentk had a glcontrol widget to directly add on the gui editor of monodevelop the control to place the opengl area. But i never succeeded to do it.
On windows, i did it really easyly with the Tao control, but this one come only in the package. So no way to use it in linux. Moreover, i came from tao through opentk because of the really much better think of way to wrap the opengl function. I read your commit a naming convention progress the 4november, and i really enjoy this work.

So Do it exist any way to add a control on the monodevelop editor (stetic, based on gtk#), which could even work on the windows plateform without changing any code ?

I hope i'm stupid and i didn't find an answer to my question on this site, but i really didn't find any begin of answer on it...

Thank for reading me,


ps : i found the great help to use mondevelop here, but it's only editor mode :


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I think the GUI editor in Monodevelop uses GTK#? If yes, JTalton donated a widget that allows the use of OpenTK in the editor, but unfortunately will not make it in the release tomorrow. It will be added in the next release, however :)

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Did it really donated to OpenTk ? Because i didn't find a answer from it !
I also don't have access to his personal email, so i can touch him, it could be nice to ask him his code and to a link to this sources on this site !

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Check your emails.

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I started an implementation of a GTK OpenGL Widget since I use GTK on Windows. There was a C project for Linux that created a GLArea widget. Then there was a .NET wrapper written for that on . I am not sure that wrapper is being maintained. I was trying to make my wrapper cross platform. It works great on Windows with GTK but it seems to have some problems on Linux. I was hoping to debug it after MonoDevelop added a debugger, but the Google summer of code project for the debugger didn't work out. I have resigned myself to working in Windows with the VS debugger until some future point when MonoDevelop gets a good debugger.

If you want to use OpenGL with GTK on Linux with MonoDevelop, try the link above. If you need support for Windows, I can help with that.


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It is said that Mono 1.2.6 will come with a working debugger - at least that was one of the goals. The code should have already been branched and we should see a new release any day now. I'm looking forward to a working debugger, it should make our lives much easier.