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Anybody know why I should get Error:6 (Failed to make context xxxxxx current) when I call OpenTK.GLControl.MakeCurrent ?


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AFAIK, this is a protected method of the System.Windows.Forms.Control class.

However, before you go that way, try upgrading to the latest version from SVN. I have committed some fixes that might take care of "Error: 6".

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i will try this, if it get's not released in a binary within next days/weeks.

but such a method would be quite nice, even if i have to upload all textures again.

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As I pointed out, this method already exists.

I don't know why the WinForms team decided to make it protected, but there probably is a good reason. It is not possible to modify this method's accessibility through OpenTK - you'll just have to inherit from GLControl to call RecreateHandle.

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there must be a userfriendly way without deriving from anything by simply using an already provided method or anything...

error 6 happens if a internal handle dies. this not only happens, if the underlaying windows closes. i'm using multible opentk controls in the same application. and after a few hours one of the controls is dying. (error 6.)

i know this from direct3d for example. all my device contexts may die whenever they want. but using opentk i have nothing i can do (except of deriving from opentk and then overwriting something like explained here: and except of inheritation from glcontrol) against this? or did i miss a thing?

(sorry about my bad english!)

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The error: 6 issue you are seeing is a bug in OpenTK 0.9.7 (related to a device context leak). This has been fixed in SVN - please file a bug if it still occurs.

Even though their symptoms are similar, "error: 6" issue has nothing to do with the "DeviceLost" event from D3D. Their cause is completely different ("error: 6" is caused due to exhausting available device contexts, DeviceLost is caused by an invalid render context). Indeed, OpenGL does not have anything equivalent to the DeviceLost event.

RecreateHandle is a System.Windows.Forms.Control method not an OpenTK.GLControl one. The WinForms team decided to make this method protected - there's nothing OpenTK can do about this. However, even if RecreateHandle was public, it wouldn't help you with "error: 6". If anything, it would make it appear more quickly, by causing OpenTK to execute the buggy (now fixed) code.

Frankly, the only time I have needed to use RecreateHandle was when I implemented FSAA in GLControl*. Even then, you only needed to call it if the user tried to change FSAA level after creating the control.

* This code will appear in OpenTK at some point in the future

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ill've checked out the repository, but there is no *.sln file like described in Build\Instructions.txt.

am i wrong?

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Double click Build.exe, type "vs" and press enter, enter. This will create the .sln file.

I'll update the instructions to be more clear.

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thank you, error 6 doesn't happen anymore, even after 9h of stress tests. :)