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Leadwerks integration (was: I need help converting method from Tao to OpenTK.)

this is the method i'm trying to convert from Tao to OpenTK.

public static void MakeCurrent()
            Wgl.wglMakeCurrent(Wgl.wglGetCurrentDC(), Wgl.wglGetCurrentContext());

what is the OpenTK versions of the above Tao Wgl methods? if it helps i'm using a gamewindow.

forgot to mention i'm using svn version of OpenTK and coding in c#.


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Just to make sure, did you check a debug OpenTK.dll against a release build of the wrappers or debug build of everything? (we want the first)

I have a hunch that this issue is somehow related to the intermittent AccessViolationExceptions that plague OpenTK on nvidia cards. I've been trying to isolate this bug for months without success - it doesn't occur on Ati or VirtualBox and it only occurs on nvidia infrequently.

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i confess i only use the release engine.dll of Leadwerks. so have been testing both debug and release OpenTK dlls with that. as for the Nvidia issue. have you been in touch with them about it?

i'm currently using driver version 185.85 on a vista 64bit machine with a BFG8800GTX OC2. if that helps.

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I've seen the AccessVIolation issue manifest on a Quadro NVS 135M using drivers between 180.xx - 185.xx, but not on a Quadro FX4600.

Unfortunately, I cannot file a bug report without being fairly certain this is a driver bug. For all I know, OpenTK may be misusing an API or relying on undefined behaviour (that happens to work on Ati / VirtualBox).