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I would like to report the following bugs (I tested with the 0.9.7 version and newest today's from svn):

1. If I run some examples with mono 2.4 on WinXP SP3 I can see something like that:
(see: error1.jpg) - the white colour isn't being refreshed,
when close examples I can see exception:
(see: error2.jpg)

2. If I run playback example with mono 2.4 on openSUSE 11.1 I can see exception:
(see: error2.jpg). With my patch:
all is OK.

3. If I run some examples with mono 2.4 on openSUSE 11.1 I can see exception about
impossibilities of finding some resources (shaders, bitmaps, etc).

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Thanks for testing.

#1 is probably a Mono WinForms bug that will go away once the current work on GameWindow is complete. My experience with Mono WinForms on Windows is not stellar, but there's little point - you can always use .Net WinForms.

#2 is an age-old bug. OpenTK 0.9.8+ will use, which works fine - now we only need to get openSUSE to switch to that (Debian, Ubuntu, Arch, and AFAIK Fedora have all switched).

#3 is rather strange - I certainly haven't seen that before. I think I have an OpenSUSE VM somewhere here, I'll have to take a look.

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#2 I tested the 0.9.8 version and there is the same bug.
With my patch, sound initialization is ok :]

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Bug reports and patches tend to get lost in the forums. Can you please submit a bug report and attach the patches?