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Missing Enums for code completion

Hello there, congrats for the work on OpenTK. I found that the last parameter in some OpenGL commands always fail to show up in the code completion of my IDE (SharpDevelop). For example, I type the exact sequence of commands...

GL. //(shows a call-up box)
GL.Enums. //(shows a call-up box)
GL.Enums.BeginMode. //(nothing happens)

I don't know if I have to setup my IDE a specific configuration or is it a bug of the OpenTK library, I hope it would be fixed soon.
Thanks for any answers.


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I recently show a bug report on this in the SharpDevelop forums. The bug was reported as fixed, so maybe you could try upgrading?

In any case, the latest version place OpenGL enums in the OpenTK.OpenGL.Enums namespace, so adding a using OpenTK.OpenGL.Enums; statement will take care of this (and reduce typing). Problem is, existing projects will have to be updated to use the latest version...

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OK, I downloaded the 12 Nov version which seems using Enums more elegant.
Good job!