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Visual Studio 2010 Beta 1

It appears Microsoft has started the public beta for Visual Studio 2010 and .NET Framework 4.


What's new

.Net Framework 4

Feel free to add more links, this is just what I came across so far and appeared relevant.


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Ah, finally it is available as a normal download. Previous builds were only available as VirtualPC VMs which was not very elegant.

I'm pretty excited about F#. I've always loved Ocaml and getting the new #light syntax into a good IDE is awesome. I just hope they will make the final compiler available for Mono, as they did with previous releases.

I haven't seen any compelling new features for C# so far. The "dynamic" keyword and implicit pass-by-reference are good for COM interop but nothing else. With these, C# finally becomes a strict superset of VB.Net, meaning there is nothing you can do in VB.Net that you cannot do in C# now (a. AFAICT and b. the reverse is not true).

I think this release will contain a new CLR version? Anyone knows what's new there?

The only issue is that we'll have to distribute two OpenTK builds once .Net 4.0 is out, one for the 2.0 CLR and one for the 4.0.

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There seems to be some substantial changes to how the GC works, to make it more efficient, and able to do partial GC's without suspending managed threads. At least that's my understanding.

I'm pretty excited about the introduction of code contracts, especially being able to specify object invariants and having the compiler enforce them on public methods, but also being able to place contracts on interfaces.

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can i ask why a seperate build for .Net 4.0? know one has ever done a .Net 3.0 or .Net3.5 builds of projects.

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.NET 4.0 introduces a new runtime, similar to how the .NET 2.0 runtime is different from .NET 1.1. But .NET 3.0 and 3.5 did not make any changes to the runtime, and they use only the .NET 2.0 runtime with some extra libraries & language features (3.5) available.

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kanato ahh thanks.

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Does anyone know if it's possible to link against .Net 2.0 with VS 2010? .Net 4.0 has no functionality I really need, and availability of 2.0 is rather good in my experience. .Net 4.0 will probably not become well spread soon, unless they bundle it with Windows 7 and Novell agrees with that version aswell.

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Yes, you can choose between .Net 2.0-4.0, including the client profiles (whatever these are).

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.NET 4.0 is major release, and I think that it will prepare .NET for the next decade, towards maturity.
I am really excited with parallel programming, it seems PIECE OF CAKE!

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They call it background GC. It replaces concurent GC. Background GC still suspends all threads, during a full GC, but it does so for a shorter period of time.

Additionally, managed threads can continue to allocate up to the end of the ephemeral segment while a GC is in progress.

Concurrent GC has existed since .Net 1.0. The really new part is being able to allocate during a GC.

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Thanks Fiddler, for showing me the tree in the forrest. I was looking in all the wrong options/config, it is as simple as creating a new proejct and select your preferred "Target Framework"... *doh*

One more question, how do you install MSDN (offline) library for VS2010? If that works I'll replace VC# 2005 Express, since VS 2010 appears to be a major improvement to an already very good IDE.

The parallel construct in flopoloco's link reminds me very much about OpenMP