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GL types vs dotNET types

I just implement some OpenGL tutorials in OpenTK for the moment. I see that most of these tutorials use custom types that exist in OpenGL (or C++). For example: GLfloat, GLuint...

Are there any use of these types in OpenTK? Or they are compatible with dotNET in sake of simplicity?



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The only reason these types exist, is because C doesn't guarantee how many bits an 'int' is (in OpenGL 'GLint' is guaranteed to be 32bits wide). Since C# defines its types exactly, there's no use for the GLxxx types:

  • GLshort -> short
  • GLushort -> ushort
  • GLint -> int
  • GLsizeiptr -> IntPtr

you get the idea (the file 'csharp.tm' contains the complete typemap - found in Source/Bind/Specifications)


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Cool, thanks again Fiddler.