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Texture-Mapped Fonts

Hi. How can I use texture-mapped fonts with OpenTK library. Does anybody know how to use wglUseFontBitmaps?


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It seems that the checkout was not complete. Try "svn update" or checkout from scratch again.

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Cool, many thanks!

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I have added display list caching to the TextPrinter, which improves speed by an order of magnitude. My laptop can now render cached text at 1.6M glyphs per second (mobile 8400 card).

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the Fiddler wrote:

I have added display list caching to the TextPrinter

What I have to do to use it?
I have checkouted soures to a new SVN repository, but I can not see changes.

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You don't have to do anything, the change is internal. Simply download and link against OpenTK 0.9.8.

Caveat: If you are using Visual Studio, you'll have to remove the OpenTK and OpenTK.Utilities references before adding the new ones. Otherwise, the IDE will keep using the old dlls. You can double-click on each reference to inspect its version (both OpenTK and OpenTK.Utilities should read 0.9.8).