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Fullscreen question.

i found out that windows forms don't support fullscreen or at least true fullscreen. so that means i can't use GLControl for fullscreen. so i just wanted to check that Gamewindow allows true fullscreen.


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Saw the FAQ add, great.

(btw I think "extension methods" would be a way to add Fullscreen to the Form class.. not sure I like it though)

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Stupid guestion again ( :) )
Where this FAQ is, maybe Im blind but I tried find it with no luck (maybe it's in too obvious place)

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It's in the documentation section (Appendix 1: Frequently asked questions). Should probably add a link on the frontpage.

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Oops there that is, havent noticed it (tried find it with faq word,so missed that :))

" Should probably add a link on the frontpage."

Hey, thats good idea, see right away if someone had asked before that what one can have in mind.