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[Solved] Draw/Load 2D images?

Hello, I am working at a 2D game and wonder how I draw images. I have search and I only found how to load textures.


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Objarni's TexUtil class will render 2D textures for you using OpenTK/OpenGL if you do decide to go down that route. Using other people's code, then "taking it apart" to see how it works and modifying it for yourself is easily the best way to learn...

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Yeah, maybe I should use OpenTK anyway! :D It's not too hard, but not easy as 1-2-3..
The SDL.NET's forum is dead and it's hard to get help if I don't understand something. If I use OpenTK, I can always get help! :)

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On the positive side for OpenTK is OpenGL -- it is a wide and long-lived standard that will stay around. So it is "good to know" stuff. Plus you will learn lots of mathematics that is useful too..

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Yeah, I should really try to learn it! Thank you!

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There are many techniques and tutorials available in web like the one i got was How to draw Yoda and also some good institutions are giving training for 2D so I just hope that you get your query solved through these ways :)

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I can post you a simple visual studio project drawing a picture as quad on the screen if you want.