OpenTK coding guidelines

  • Add licensing information to the top of each code file. The following snippet is enough:

    #region --- License ---
    /* This source file is released under the MIT license. See License.txt for more information.
     * Coded by [...] and [...].
  • Document all public methods! It is much easier to document something when you write it, than later on.
  • Use regions wherever it makes sense. Using directives, interface methods, functions (but not docs) and fields/properties are good candidates.

    Format regions like this: #region --- Region Name ---

  • Limit lines to no more than 120 characters.
  • Place opening and closing braces on new lines:

    private void Foo()
  • Break up long parameter lists. Write:

    public IGLContextWindows(
                IntPtr handle,
                ColorDepth color,
                ColorDepth accum,
                int depthBits,
                int stencilBits,
                int auxBits,
                bool stereo,
                bool doublebuffer

    instead of:

    public IGLContextWindows(IntPtr handle, ColorDepth color, ColorDepth accum, [...])
  • Indent using 4 spaces. No tabs!
  • Place a space between if/while/for/foreach and the opening parenthesis, but not between a function name and the opening parenthesis.
    if (foo)
    void Func()
  • Case classes, structs, public methods, public fields/properties LikeThis. Case private members likeThis. Do not forget to add the private modifier!
  • Use comments! They exist for a reason.

Last, but not least, you may freely disregard any of these ;-) Just don't forget the comments and the license information.