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Windows Vista and GLControl

Hi, I am new to both Vista and Open TK, but I am not new to OpenGL or .net C# programing, using windows forms. There is a problem with the GLControl and Windows Vista (running on my MacBook its 32bit Vista Ultimate), it appears approximatly 15 pixels below where it is supposed to. I am running your latest and when I open your examples, for instance WinForms 1: Simple GLControl the control is 15 pixels below the top of the form, and those first 15 rows of pixels are white. The same happens when I run my programs too. I can send a screenshot to whomever wants one, or if someone tells me how to post one I could do that too. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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I just fixed my own issue by finding out that I had a new display driver, so if you hear of this again, tell them to update their vista drivers

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Good to hear, will keep that in mind :)