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OpenTK + C# - MMORPG Game Programming

Are their any tutorials out there for MMORPG programming? Using C# and OpenTK? I really need a tutorial.


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it's open source - free for use (ex. ejubberd)

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In my experience, the reality of building software systems is far more complex than debating language features. I'd rather not get into another my language is better than your language debates either. Suffice it to say, I don't think your good feeling about Erlang are baseless, just that you are over simplifying a problem that is often heavily dominated by things that are problem and scenario specific.

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I'm not saying "The language Erland is better than C/C++/C#/whatever" I'm saying it is a good choice for it's niche -- which is massively multithreaded/distributed systems, as telecoms base stations systems are.

Whether MMORPGs are similar enough to base stations/systems I'll leave to you to argue about ;)

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I was hoping to leave someone else to argue about it. There doesn't seem to be any shortage of forums to discuss Actor models in a functional language.

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I have to excuse for changing the way of forum, so I propose go back to main topic. sorry.