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What texture formats does OpenGL support and does OpenTK add more?

just to clear that up . i mean like TGA, BMP etc. if i wanted DDS support are there any suggestions how to go about that? what about High Dynamic Range formats?


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You can use System.Drawing.Bitmap to load a wide range of image formats, like BMP, PNG, JPG and more. Objarni has written a utility to make this easier: TexUtil.

Inertia has written ImageDDS, a utility to load DDS textures (if your card supports it) or decompress them (if your card doesn't). You can find a copy of this utility in the CSat project.

I have written a wrapper library for a range of common OpenGL features (textures, shaders, vertex buffers, FBOs) that I plan to upload this weekend. Unfortunately, I cannot support this library directly: if something is broken, you get to keep both pieces :). I hope the community will take over and polish it into something generally useful.

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cool. i'll take a look.