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Cloud Rider

Hey guys. This is my first blog entry here and today I'm gonna talk to you about a game I've been developing with a friend.

It's a simple vertical-scroller spaceship shooter with some inspiration from Tyrian, it currently has most of the basics working, like movement, scrolling backgrounds, powerups, explosions, shots, collision detection (based on bounding boxes) and some enemies. It also has some simple layers of clouds to enchance the graphical aspects of the game. I just added some sounds and music to the game and recorded a video to show the world! ^_^

We are not designers and as you all know, programmer art usually isn't very pretty. A friend of mine did the models in 3ds Max and I did the backgrounds and initial screen menu art. Some sprites were "stolen" from Google Images and the sounds were taken from freesounds, which has a very cool library of sounds free to use. If any artist sees this and wants to help us out with some better graphics, please talk to me, hehe. :)

Some screenshots:

I've documented the development progress of the game with some videos on YouTube.

Cloud Rider (WIP4)
Cloud Rider (WIP3)
Cloud Rider (WIP2)
Cloud Rider (WIP)

We want to thank the OpenTK community for the excelent bindings and also for all the help you've given us on some OpenGL issues.


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Haha nice one, looks fun!

The audio is disabled though; "WMG has not approved the sound track of this video". What does Warner have to do with this project..?

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That's only on the WIP3 video I think. While recording I was listening to some music and it got in the video. And YouTube seems to have an automatic track detection or something and blocked the audio. :(

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Brave new world..

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Ouch, those cunning youtuubers!

Looks very nice, well done! ^^