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Shaders with openTk.

Hello everyone,

I'dl like to create a shader using opentk but I have a small problem. My shader is in a c# Strinag and opentk accept only a string[] (like the c++ version but it easy to play with pointer in c++)

string _shader = "void main() { gl_Position = ftransform();}"
GL.ShaderSource(m_shader_handle, 1, _shader, null);

this piece of code does not work. Do I need to split my string per lines? or there is something more efficient?



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"What's wrong? "

  • You should examine the infologs from compilation and linking, they might tell something like this:
  • A Matrix consisting of 16 Zeros is the same as calling GL.Scale( 0f, 0f, 0f );
  • The varying intensity is used in the fragment shader but never written to in the vertex shader.
  • texCoord is a vec2, but a vec3 is written to it without swizzling.
  • The shader most likely failed to compile and what you're seeing is fixed-func.

Info can be found here or try a GLSL IDE such as ATI's RenderMonkey.