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.ZIP archive corrupt

Project:The Open Toolkit library
Category:bug report
Status:closed (invalid)

I just tried downloading the release version of OpenTK 0.9.8 from source forge, the .zip version.

It was reported corrupt by both vanilla native WinXP Prof. SP3 un-archiver and a freshly installed 7Z.

The .7z archive worked though.


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Status:open» closed (invalid)

Your download was probably corrupt. Did you try to download the zip again?

I tested here and both explorer (vista) and winrar unzip the file just fine.

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I downloaded it twice. And file corruption due to download errors is basically non-existant with a broadband connection (at company).

Anyone else got this error? Maybe there is some "microsoft security"-crap blocking it because there are .exe-files in the archive? Don't what they're upto these days.

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OK tried it at my Vista machine, it works.

The WinXP machine is running under VirtualBox - might that have something to do with anything..?

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OK tried at a collegues computer's VirtualBox+WinXP, works there.

Must be my VirtualBox that's troublesome. Sorry.