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Crash GLWidget + OpenTK + Ubuntu 9.04

Hi all,

I'm making a project and did the client for my server (Mono C# + OpenTK + GLWidget + HTTP ...) . So on Ubuntu 8.10 my client works properly (exept Compiz - dont work at all, maybe I'll post a bug later), but After upgrading to Ubuntu 9.04 don't :(.
I'll send the the test code with crash (it looks like the xthread's problems, but I'm not sure)

Please look the the project - It fully prepared to run, just unzip it and add reference to opentk.dll.

Maybe samething wrong in code?

With best regards,
Pavlo Kuzmenko

crash log in attachments:

opentktest.zip20.99 KB
crashlog.txt7.54 KB


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I was also having an issue with GLWidget on Ubuntu 9.04. I don't know it this is the same issue, though.

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How did you solve it?

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pkuz: you may edit your reply by clicking the "Edit" link down to the right :)

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excuse me, miss click :). how i can delete duplicate massage?

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thank you :)

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Maybe you mean 9.04? Because Ubuntu 9.10 has not been released yet!

What video card and drivers are you using? Also, are you running amd64 or x86?

I have tested GLWidget on 9.04/VirtualBox and it works fine. In a curious moment of synchronicity, I decided to upgrade my native installation to 9.04, so I'll be able to take a look with Ati's drivers once the upgrade is complete (I expect it will take 1.30-2 hours).

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I ran the test on Sony Laptop (Intel Core2, ATI Express). I'm using mesa,

Sorry I'm not sure what I can properly answer on your question. Could you send to me the shell command line to see which driver I'm using?

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Try "glxinfo". It should mention a renderer, driver and driver version.

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thank you. I have attach the output.

glxinfo.txt6.38 KB
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I didn't. :)

No time to find out the issue.