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Extensions vs Core


I was trying to find information whether available functions from extensions are always mapped to GL.* delegates functions or are they only available through GL.Ext.* (or GL.Arb.*).

Let's take as an example GenFramebuffers, it was only in Ext before, and now is available as core in GL 3.0.

So, if a machine has only drivers supporting GL 2.1, and supporting framebuffers as extension, will the delegate GL.GenFramebuffers be mapped to that function? Or should I use GL.Ext.GenFramebuffers?

I cannot find this in faq, documentation or sources. From my experiments it seems that using GL.GenFramebuffers works fine even if drivers version string is 2.1.2 NVIDIA 180.44, but want to make sure if I can always count on it.


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To check if a specific function is supported, call GL.SupportsFunction:

GL.SupportsFunction("GenFramebuffers", "Ext");

Note that those two calls refer to completely different functions: one may be supported while the other is not.

Internally, all functions are routed through delegates, but this doesn't affect you in any way.

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Ok, Thx.
So my first thought was correct.