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[Solved] GameWindow Constructor testing for OpenGL 3 compatibility


i'm trying to create an OpenGL 3.0 context.

 public Game()
            : base(800, 600, GraphicsMode.Default, "OpenTK Quick Start Sample", 0, DisplayDevice.Default, 3, 0, GraphicsContextFlags.ForwardCompatible)

How can I tell if the above code succesfully created an OpenGL 3.0 context on the target mashine or wheter it fell back to an OpenGL 2.1 context.



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Check whether GL.SupportsExtension("Version30") returns true. Alternatively, check the return value of GL.GetString(StringName.Version) or GL.GetInteger(GetPName.MajorVersion) (the later only works on 3.0-capable drivers).

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Thank you :)

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The easiest way is to use some of pre-GL function like GL.MatrixMode()
If you have a true forward compatible 3.0 context this call will rise an exception