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Write a CodeProject article for OpenTK

Project:The Open Toolkit library
Version:all versions

CodeProject is a large community with programming resources. Posting an article or article series would help OpenTK obtain some publicity.

Post article ideas below!


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As a hobbyist, I would like to see some old-school GFX with OpenTK...
- Flames
- Tunnels

Or even some very very simple games (Asteroids?)

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Maybe someone - who is writing a game/application which uses OpenTK, SlimDX and/or XNA together - could write an article about development of the application. It sure would be an interesting read to have a summary of pitfalls and "lessons learned" about developing for DX and TK at the same time.

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I was thinking I'd like to write a CodeProject article at some point, but I don't have a project going at the moment, and I'm currently steering clear of my last one!

I'm pretty busy at the moment IRL, but in a couple of months I want to get started on my next project. If that one builds up half as much steam as LinkSphere, I'd strongly consider writing a development article on using OpenTK, regardless of whether another has been written by then.

Don't anybody hold your breath for it, as there are a lot of "ifs" and at least 3 months between now and the point at which I'd be ready to write an article.

Probably wouldn't be a very good example of OpenTK's capabilities either - I'm planning a text-graphics roguelike :-p. Maybe I should wait until I've programmed in some of the "fun effects" (particle animations for explosions, for example) which I'd like to include before writing an article.

Would help if someone else wrote an article on their fully 3D application which I could link to, to point out OpenTK's full potential.

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IMO the article doesn't have to be about something like Doom 5, the audience are programmers not end-consumers. Information like how difficult it was to learn the API, or the time spent on implementation vs. debugging would be of greater value than "new!", "shiny!", "ultra!" stickers attached to it ;)

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hey, i m very new in opentk , i start from very basic 2d graphics

i post an article in code project. it so lame i know, i just want to show the simplicity, i am going to write about 3d soon.

i start on here.

its lame but hope it can be introducing

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when i originally began opengl programming the very first thing i did was searching for "opengl tutorial". one can migrate the originally done tutorials (nehe or swiftless ) into OpenTK style. since every opengl tutorial starts with window init on windows, linux etc., OpenTK will shine...

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But most of those tutorials show people how to do things the old-fashionedimmediate mode way.
I think it would be better if there were tutorials where people would learn the right way, uhm... right away :)

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In the next days, or when i find some time out of my job ;), i' m going to write an article (codeproject of course) about "camera movements for CAD viewers/editors" and since i'm currently developing using opentk i will write the sample code in c# using opentk. Does this sound like good "publicity" to you?

Any hints welcome ;)

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Sounds nice.

The more publicity an open-source project gets, the better supported it will be in the long run (hence this task). Feel free to link to your article from here when ready.

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I had tried to create a camera some time in the past (I was learning the basics back then).

But now I would like to create something completely different, my ideal camera system would use a transformation library,
like one Unity3D has (actually I try to mimic the unity API), it's very clever and elegant, but is also very powerful. It has some methods for shortcuts (like translations), but also exposes the Vector properties directly where you can make tons of hacks.

This article would be very interesting, I will study it for good when is ready. :)