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The Open Toolkit Library 1.1 beta1

I am pleased to announce the beta1 release of the Open Toolkit library 1.1.

Download binaries from Sourceforge.

Browse the source code on github.

I would like to personally thank the community, and especially Andy Korth, for making a huge amount of contributions over the past three years!

Feature highlights

  • OpenGL 4.4 and OpenGL ES 3.0 with strongly-typed enums
  • Documentation tooltips for all core OpenGL functions
  • Support for Retina / high-DPI displays
  • Greatly expanded math library
  • More than a hundred bugfixes for Mac OS X, Windows 8 and Ubuntu Linux
  • New SDL2 backend for improved platform compatibility
  • ANGLE Project support for systems without OpenGL drivers

Due to the number and impact of the included bugfixes, users are strongly encouraged to upgrade from OpenTK 1.0 to OpenTK 1.1 beta1. If you encounter an issue, please report it at:

Important notice: OpenTK 1.1 introduces a small number of breaking API changes in the OpenGL and OpenGL ES bindings. These reflect updates in the official OpenGL specification, as well as improvements in the binding generator.

Modified methods have been marked with the [Obsolete] attribute. Please review your warnings pane for the suggested upgrade path.

Refer to the Documentation/Release.txt for more information.


Features planned for OpenTK 1.1:

  • Support for the new XML-based OpenGL registry (done)
  • Support for OpenGL 4.4 compatibility profile (done)
  • Support for OpenGL 4.4 core profile (in progress)
  • Support for OpenGL ES 3.0 (done)
  • GamePad API (in progress)
  • SDL2 backend (done)
  • New math types (done)
  • OpenGL ES via ANGLE Project (done)
  • Improved startup/shutdown sequence (done)
  • Binding generator cleanup (done)

Features planned for OpenTK 1.2+:

  • Touch input
  • Modular / lightweight version
  • Android support (SDL)
  • Android support (native)
  • iOS support (SDL)
  • iOS support (native)
  • Windows 8 "metro" support (ANGLE)
  • Mac OS X support (cocoa)

How to get help

OpenTK is a low-level binding for OpenGL, OpenGL ES and OpenAL. It expects that you are at least familiar with those APIs, or are willing to learn.

The official documentation for these APIs can be found under the Documentation/ folder. Consider printing the OpenGL and OpenGL ES API Reference documents - they are invaluable.

If you have a programming-related question, feel free to ask on our forums. StackOverflow and are also great places to get help.

How to contribute

OpenTK contains over a million lines of source code and runs on hundreds of different hardware combinations. Despite our best efforts, it is inevitable that bugs will arise.

If you encounter such a bug, please open an issue report at: Make sure you include the following information!

  • Your operating system
  • Your GPU make and drivers (especially for Optimus / dual-GPU systems)
  • Any steps necessary to reproduce the bug (or a tiny test case if you are awesome!)

The best way to contribute code is via a github pull request.