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The Open Toolkit Library 1.1 beta4

Happy new year everyone!

OpenTK 1.1 beta4 is now ready for download.


This release is compatible with the 1.1 API.

OpenTK 1.1 beta4 is significantly faster and more stable than OpenTK 1.0 and previous OpenTK 1.1 beta releases. Users are strongly encouraged to upgrade.


  • New Joystick API under OpenTK.Input. This is a stateless API that exposes GameWindow.Joysticks under a simpler and more consistent interface.
  • New GamePad API under OpenTK.Input. This is a stateless API modeled after the XNA GamePad API and SDL_GameController.
  • Improved support for text input through GameWindow.KeyPress events and new GameWindow.KeyDown/KeyUp events to replace the obsolete GameWindow.Keyboard.KeyDown/KeyUp. Refer to the Keyboard API documentation for more information.
  • More consistent GraphicsMode selection on Windows and Linux. If a requested mode is not supported, the closest matching mode will be selected. An GraphicsModeException will be thrown only if no suitable mode can be found.
  • More stable GraphicsContext on Optimus laptops with Intel + Nvidia GPUs. This configuration should now support modes with multisample antialiasing.
  • Multiple bugfixes to GameWindow on Linux and Mac OS X. Most known issues are now resolved.

Known issues:

Help us improve OpenTK by reporting any bugs you may encounter!