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Icarus Scene Engine

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FBO example
The Agent Saga: Rover Rescue

NEW BUILD AVAILABLE: Visit the ISE page on Sourceforge for the latest download

Icarus Scene Engine 3.1 is a cross-platform 3D framework, integrating open source APIs into a cohesive all-open-source, all .NET solution. For Windows, MacOSX, Linux, Web, iOS. Uses OpenTK, OpenGL, OpenAL, Mono/.NET, FFMpeg, FreeType.

See the first game made with Icarus Scene Engine 3.1, Rover Rescue, now available on the App Store.

See Videos of Icarus Scene Engine Online at youtube: www.youtube.com
See Pointscape's ISE 3.0 site for the latest news, forums, technical information, code samples and more!

Built in C#, and now CLS-compliant, with a C wrapper for integration with FFMpeg, and all-new internal native .NET file formats for guaranteed cross-platform resource loading.


Themable User Interface controls, fully animatable. Develop & test the UI on PC, deploy to iOS without changes.
Animatable Lighting, Cameras, Lenses, Scenes.
Multi-threading. Background loading of all resources
3D Models
Terrain from Textures
Binary-compatible across MacOSX, Windows, Linux.
Compile-compatible across iOS/Android.
Scene Management. Scenes within Scenes, Parallel Scenes
Full Animation Track, Time Dilation on any Track
Double/Single floating point accuracy versions.
Visual 3D Positional Audio based on OpenAL
Automatic selection of VBO, Display Lists, Immediate Mode, depending on underlying rendering platform capabilities and/or dynamic nature of rendering.
Open Native .NET file formats for assets (Textures, Geometry, Fonts), uncompressed, compressed and highly compressed
3D model importing from 3DS and OBJ files
Dynamic LOD geometric shapes, spheres, cylinders, capsules, torus, cones, tubules and more!
Rendering API-agnostic Collision Rays, projection and unprojection
Cross-platform Font consistency.
Decoding/Encoding Video Streams
Native .NET OGG support
Native .NET WAV support
CLS-Compliant for VB and other .NET language use

NOTE: Icarus Scene Engine 3 is an almost total re-write from Version 2.0. More focussed, more specific in function and goals, much more developer-friendly coding structures and concepts.

Previous versions included the Icarus Professional 1.0, with visual content creation capabilities, which is still available in downloads, but discontinued, to be replaced with a separate Icarus Design Studio project currently under development.