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Lab3D - 3D Laboratory

Project Images
Mix of an OBJ model with equation-created models
Interference picture using only Lab3D mathematical tools

Lab3D - 3D Laboratory is dedicated to tridimensional virtual experimenting, with the possibility of using the WiiMote in order to interact with the 3D models and stereoscopic 3D visualization (3D cinema-like), load 3D OBJ models, create models from mathematical equations and much more.

It features OpenGL (via OpenTK) and OpenCL to create and animate mathematical models.

It is possible to:

- Load 3D .OBJ or .DXF models;
- Delete 3D models by going to the Models: box, selecting the model you want to delete and pressing the DELETE key;
- Rotate the 3D models with the mouse;
- Translate the 3D models by choosing the model movement you want, right-clicking and dragging;
- Press buttons WASD and numpad 8642 to navigate the model;
- Load dynamic and static .Lab3D models from the 3D Models folder;
- Create your own models with mathematical equations;
- Connect your WiiMote via bluetooth, install the Wii sensor bar and drag models around using your WiiiMote;
- If you have a stereoscopic OpenGL quad-buffer viewing system you can turn on Stereoscopy and view models in stereo 3D.