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Meshomatic is an open-source .NET library for loading 3D models. The goal is to provide a useful and portable library for loading a variety of different mesh file formats, producing output suitable for rendering with OpenGL. Meshomatic is written in C# and does not rely on any libraries outside of basic .NET (though one of the test programs does use OpenTK).

Meshomatic only loads geometry; it does not handle skeletons, animations, or material properties. If I can figure out a way to do these things in a portable way, I will probably add them. Contributions and suggestions are welcome!


Wavefront OBJ and Milkshape 3D loaders work. Working on Collada and general improvements.

The maintainer is on slight hiatus from maintaining this (and has been since mid 2010 or so); problems and comments and such should still go into the bug tracker, but I won't notice unless you also drop an email to snheath at gmail dot com. I will still try to answer any questions or fix any bugs if I can, though.




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0.3.02011-May-17921.67 KBRecommended for 1.xThis is currently the recommended release for 1.x.