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LEngine and 1 Minute Warfare

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1 Minute Warfare is turn based strategy game. You control a tank and your goal is to destroy your enemy. There are multiple power-ups that you can use against the other player. Call an air strike, drop atomic bombs, or even lightning. Some of the power-ups are available at start, but you must pick the rest of them by picking crates. Crates are droped from the sky on random location on the battlefield.

Click somewhere on battlefield and yout tank will find the shortest path to that place.
Press space to shoot.
Activate power-up with 1-8 keys.
Press "C" to lock/unlock the camera (if the camera is unlocked you can move it around battlefield, if it is locked it will follow the tank)
Use arrow keys or middle mouse button to adjust camera height.

To download the game visit:

There is a tutorial for creating maps for the game: