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SevenEngine is a open source graphics engine being developed in C# using the OpenTK bindings for OpenGL. It now has its own website! Head on over to to view the official site for more information.

SevenEngine aims not only to be a working game engine, but also to be a one-stop full education for how a game engine works. It implements many of its own low level topics (like data structures, trigonometry, multi-threading, etc.) so that you can see exactly how everything works.

If you have questions, just email, and I will try to respond as soon as possible, or you could post a comment on the "Discussion" page of


Importing & Rendering (with supported file formats):

  • Textures (bmp, jpeg, png, ttf, gif)
  • Models (obj)
  • Shaders (glsl)
  • Fonts (fnt)


  • Camera Controls - currently using Euler rotations
  • Input - two-step state systems for keyboard/mouse
  • High-level control of model/sprite transformations
  • Easy Skyboxes
  • Soon to have easy and semi-automated garbage collection for GPU items

Data Structures:

  • List & ListArrary
  • Stack, Queue
  • Heaps (with or without dynamic priorites)
  • AVL Tree
  • Octree