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XRevolution - A War Between Two Worlds

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Proud to use OpenTK
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This is a game project that I'm working on with my company. We're proud to use OpenTK, and are very impressed with how easy it is to use. The images that I uploaded show the current progress of the game engine. Currently; I finished a basic physics engine, framerate counter, model loader (and realtime collision-map generator), and GL Text Overlay, as well as GPU-accelerated rendering of animated GIFs (for animated textures). The game will take place in 2037, and will be a simulation of an alien invasion. It will be a networked strategy/MMORPG/FPS game, and we already have a lot of the basic engine work done! If this sells; we'll be glad to donate some of our profit to OpenTK, and help to sponsor its continued development. Keep up the great work! We're planning to use OpenTK in one of our upcoming big projects! P.S. The 89 FPS was on one of our cheap Netbooks! We're optimizing our engine so that it can run on as many computers as possible, which was one reason we chose OpenTK/OpenGL as opposed to XNA/DirectX. Here's a video of the new engine.