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Yask (yet another starterkit)

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(Note: if you are always up-to-date using OpenTK-version-control there is no need to download this, because it (and a similar MonoDevelop-project) will be included in the SVN in the future)
I was tired to always see a triangle. Thus I decided (with agreement of TheFiddler) to bring something movement into the starterkit.
The kit is a kit for beginners, an experienced programmer should not find anything new in it. Should. :-)
So I have choosen to port a lesson of Nehe (further explanations in the sourcecode), which affects some nice aspects of the 3D-World: Vectors, matrices, sure.
But also primitives, textureplaying, coloring, collision control, interaction, selfmadephysics, camera follows object or not, handmade explosions ..., everything in a few lines. It also can show you, how you can bind multiple projects in one project, without the different projects to have influencing each other. And, not at least, you can see how comfortable it can be to use OpenTK: the main-file in original has 1300 lines, the same using OpenTK you can do it with 750 lines.
It is a real starterkit for VisualStudio and C#, not simply a project, so please follow the instructions in the included readme.txt.
Two last words:
Do not say a bad word about the poster in the cell, it is choosen from TheFiddler. :-)
And do not blame me about the art of programming, I have only translated.


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0.0.22010-May-05232.6 KBRecommended for 1.xThis is currently the recommended release for 1.x.