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GTKSharp OpenGL Widget

GLWidget is a cross-platform GTKSharp widget that supports OpenGL rendering using the OpenTK library inside a GTKSharp application.

What is GTKSharp?
GTKSharp is a CSharp wrapper for GTK, which is a cross-platform graphical user interface primarily used with the Gnome Linux desktop, but also supported on Windows and OSX.

The MonoDevelop IDE supports a graphical designer for GTKSharp applications. GLWidget is provided as a Widget Library for MonoDevelop. Adding a reference to the assembly should allow GLWidget to show up in the tool window for the MonoDevelop graphical designer. Adjust the properties of GLWidget in the designer.

To render either override OnRenderFrame() or hook to the RenderFrame event.

When GraphicsContext.ShareContexts == True (Default)
To setup OpenGL state hook to the following events:

  • GLWidget.GraphicsContextInitialized
  • GLWidget.GraphicsContextShuttingDown

When GraphicsContext.ShareContexts == False
To setup OpenGL state hook to the following events:

  • GLWidget.Initialized
  • GLWidget.ShuttingDown


Official releasesDateSizeLinksStatus
1.12010-Apr-05363 bytesRecommended for 1.xThis is currently the recommended release for 1.x.