SummaryStatusPriorityCategoryVersionsort iconLast updatedAssigned to
OpenTK needs a logoopennormaltaskall versions6 years 23 weeks
Using a Pen/Tablet device with OpenTKopennormalsupport requestall versions4 years 39 weeks
Matrix3 / Matrix2opennormalfeature requestall versions4 years 24 weeks
No OpenTK equivalent to Glu.PickMatrix()opennormalfeature requestall versions4 years 20 hours
Scan code keyboard dataopennormalfeature requestall versions1 year 22 weeks
Expose ResizeBegin / ResizeEnd events through Gameopennormalfeature requestall versions5 years 3 days
Indexed access to Vectors and Matricesopenminorfeature requestall versions5 years 4 weeks
Vector2 Cross Productin progress (commit)normalfeature requestall versions3 years 22 weeksRobmaister
Shadow mapping exampleconfirmednormalfeature requestall versions5 years 34 weeks
GraphicsContext crashopenminorbug reportall versions4 years 28 weeks
[ES 2.0] Useful Extensionsopenminorfeature requestall versions5 years 28 weeks
GLES not working in the latest OpenTK versionopennormalbug reportall versions3 years 37 weeks
Issue when using context menu in GLControl opennormaltaskall versions4 years 10 weeks
Issue while running Multiple window - Few windows opencriticalsupport requestall versions4 years 12 weeks
GameWindow should pass along the PAINT eventopennormalfeature requestall versions4 years 13 weeks
Write a CodeProject article for OpenTKopennormaltaskall versions4 years 8 weeks
KeyboardDevice[Key key] is not reporting absolute opennormalbug reportall versions4 years 18 weeks
GLWidget Anti Aliasing not workingopennormalsupport requestall versions3 years 52 weeks
Use QuickFont to print text at 3D positionsopennormalsupport requestall versions3 years 8 weeks
Box3dopennormalfeature requestall versions4 years 41 weeks