Projectsort iconSummaryStatusPriorityCategoryLast updatedAssigned to
The Open Toolkit libraryImplement "Tag" property on DisplayDevice and Dispopenminortask6 years 9 weekskanato
The Open Toolkit libraryBox3dopennormalfeature request4 years 36 weeks
The Open Toolkit libraryMatrix3 / Matrix2opennormalfeature request4 years 19 weeks
The Open Toolkit libraryMatrix3d / Subtract method addsopenminorfeature request2 years 12 weeks
The Open Toolkit libraryGLContext.SwapBuffers hangs on x64opennormalbug report5 years 1 week
The Open Toolkit libraryExpose ResizeBegin / ResizeEnd events through Gameopennormalfeature request4 years 47 weeks
The Open Toolkit library[ARB] Draw Buffers Blendopenminortask4 years 18 weeks
The Open Toolkit libraryMatrix4/Matrix4d CreateScale functionopennormalfeature request4 years 45 weeks
OOGLWhat OpenTK version does it expect..?opennormalsupport request5 years 43 weeksKamujin
Golem 3D Model EditorWidget library OSS?opennormalfeature request6 years 2 weeks
Dungeon EyeIntroduction screenopennormalfeature request5 years 39 weeks
Dungeon EyeIntroduction to the Frameworkopennormaltask5 years 39 weeksiliak
Dungeon EyeCharacter creation screenopennormalfeature request5 years 44 weeks
Dungeon EyeGraphical artifacts opennormalbug report5 years 32 weeks
Dungeon EyeAuto map screenopennormalfeature request5 years 44 weeks
Dungeon EyeSystem inventory logopennormaltask5 years 31 weeksiliak
Dungeon EyeRendering gets slower and sloweropennormalbug report5 years 31 weeks
Texture Utility LibraryHigh CPU Usage + Soloutionopennormalbug report3 years 28 weeks
Texture Utility LibraryAdd demo solutionopennormaltask5 years 33 weeksobjarni
Texture Utility LibraryExampleopennormalsupport request5 years 13 weeks