SummaryStatusPriorityCategoryVersionLast updatedAssigned tosort icon
obj loader doesn't work at allopencriticalbug report0.2.13 years 25 weeks
Globalization has youfixedcriticalbug report0.2.12 years 48 weeks
Test program sucksopennormalbug report0.23 years 51 weeksIcefox
glDrawElements() is subtly retardedfixednormalbug report0.2.12 years 48 weeksIcefox
Texcoords are brokenfixednormalbug report0.1.2-alpha2 years 48 weeksIcefox
Thread safenessfixednormalbug report0.23 years 44 weeksIcefox
I downloaded the file and does fixednormalbug report0.1-alpha3 years 49 weeksIcefox
Documentation is nonexistentopennormalbug report0.23 years 50 weeksIcefox
Doesn't support polygonsfixednormalbug report0.1.2-alpha2 years 48 weeksIcefox