SummaryStatusPriorityCategoryVersionLast updatedAssigned tosort icon
obj loader doesn't work at allopencriticalbug report0.2.15 years 31 weeks
Globalization has youfixedcriticalbug report0.2.15 years 1 week
Test program sucksopennormalbug report0.26 years 5 weeksIcefox
glDrawElements() is subtly retardedfixednormalbug report0.2.15 years 1 weekIcefox
Texcoords are brokenfixednormalbug report0.1.2-alpha5 years 1 weekIcefox
Thread safenessfixednormalbug report0.25 years 50 weeksIcefox
I downloaded the file and does fixednormalbug report0.1-alpha6 years 3 weeksIcefox
Documentation is nonexistentopennormalbug report0.26 years 4 weeksIcefox
Doesn't support polygonsfixednormalbug report0.1.2-alpha5 years 1 weekIcefox